Salon Heat 52940 Garfield Rd, Macomb, MI 48042, (586) 697-5153

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Salon Heat ® 52940 Garfield Rd, Macomb, MI 48042, (586) 697-5153
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Salon Heat is OFFICIALLY in its new location!

Salon Heat is pleased to announce we have moved to a new Macomb location!  Our new facility is located at 52940 Garfield, MI 48042. It is on 24 mile just west of Romeo Plank. 

This premier location will offer more space for our clients and stylists as well as additional spa; lash;  body waxing; manicure/pedicure and body wrap services. The new salon will feature a more serene and flowing environment. 

To schedule an appointment in our new salon please call our existing number, (586) 697-5153. Become a fan of Salon Heat - join our Facebook page for exclusive updates, photos and the inside scoop on the new Salon Heat!